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Origani Manuka Honey Peel Review

October 16, 2018


Have you ever asked yourself is your face clean enough?


Do you agree that cleaning your face with makeup remover (for those who makeup), cleansing gel, and toner is enough? 


If Yes, I'm sorry. I don't think the SAME after using this Origani Erda Manuka Honey Peel


Look at the end result of my hand, I didn't know that I could be as dirty as this. I was so embarrassed when the salesperson from Origani did the demonstration for me. 


Plus, I really like the smells of this product as it feels like herb but with some honey extract. 



Now, from this before and after result of my hand you can actually see the difference from my hand that it even brightens up my skin. 


There's not a big difference because I only used one time for my hand. Well, it's good in that way. It means it has no any strong chemical in it. 


One thing that I realised from this peel is that it helps you to softens and minimises fine lines. It has no animal testing and it is certified organic product.


L ikes:

- The peel is easy to use

-  It brightens up my skin after using it

-  Noticed that my skin is healthier after all 

-  It moisturise my skin as well



- The product contains fragrance which I don't really like it. But the other ingredients are all natural ingredients so I guess it's fine.

- The price is quite expensive for about RM670.00, but I personally think that it's worth it.



Will I still buy it? Yes

Nothing is more important than your skin to be clean. Spending my money on luxury things, I would rather spend my money on my skin or my health. That's my long-term investment. 




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Kenny Tan


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